222 Heavy System Telescopic Rail 53Mmx70Cm 100Kg

Barcode : 8699463574795
Product Code : SYM.BLY.RY.53.70.100
2,608.56 TL
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18.04.2024 tarihine kadar kargoda
2,608.56 TL
  • Quiet Operation: The drawer slide is divided into three sections and can be fully extended. The sliding steel ball bearings provide low noise levels when closing and opening, creating a quiet living environment for your family.

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for mechanical cabinets, warehouse cabinets, industrial cabinets, caravans, truck/trailer drawers, vending machines, and fully extendable/total extraction guides for sliding doors/windows/furniture.

  • Easy Installation: With multiple fixing holes, these drawer slides are easy to install or disassemble. Simply pull the buckle handle away from the side and grab the inner fixed rail at the same time.

These telescopic rails are designed to meet users' needs with their durable construction and functionality.

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