Attlas Silicone Gun 300Ml Cartridge

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Product Code : ATLS.9003009
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462.00 TL
438.90 TL

Attlas Silicone Gun allows you to achieve professional results in all kinds of sealing and filling works with its 300 ml cartridge capacity and high quality structure. With its ergonomic design and robust structure, it offers comfort even in long-term use.

Featured Features:

Cartridge Capacity: 300 ml
Robust and Durable Construction: Made of quality materials, long lasting.
Ergonomic Design: Provides easy use with its user-friendly design.
Wide Application Area: Can be used in all kinds of sealing and filling works.
Precise Application: Provides precise and clean application with flow control.
Areas of Use:

Construction and building works
Bathroom and kitchen sealing applications
Window and door installation
General filling and bonding operations
Attlas Silicone Gun is ideal for professional and household use. It allows you to perform your silicone applications easily and effectively.

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